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The Life Media Group are able to provide you with a fully integrated solution to ensure that your brand
speaks to its communities on the most appropriate platform for them.

We create content that delivers on engagement and measurable results for brands in more digital channels than ever before
including e-zines, forums, websites, mobile, apps, video and social media.











We believe that the next generation of magazines will go beyond print and the web and will utilise the power of applications on
tablets such as the iPad to create richer, more interactive experiences for customers.

The Life Media Group is taking the traditional values of magazines and delivering the same levels of entertainment, inspiration
and aspiration across a whole series of digital platforms.

Video is also a great way of holding a community’s attention. Video has moved beyond the world of 30 second clips, with customers
now expecting rich content with engaging narrative that entertains and informs. Our work focuses on providing this
kind of experience for your customers.

In the past video had been an expensive communication solution beyond the reach of many. Today it is an affordable solution thanks
to technological advancements and one that cannot be ignored in the new digital environment.

Magazines are evolving and the Life Media Group are at the forefront of creating e-zines, an entirely new format which
delivers magazine content into customers’ increasingly digital lives.

E-zines are not print magazines replicated online, but a whole experience that delivers time and engagement with your
brand, and measurable response from your customers.

For more information on how we can help you create and develop your brand across
digital platforms contact us at contact@lifemediagroup.co.uk

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